Our Coffee

Our coffee is 100 % organic & Fair-trade certified. We take pride in offering our own premium blends of coffee and espresso, along with premium teas from around the world. The organic coffee beans are roasted right here in San Diego...

What is a Beach Plum?

It is not a Beach Bum or a Peach Plum, it’s a Beach Plum! The Beach Plum is a native fruit which grows mostly in the wild along the coastal communities from Maine to Virginia and because of it’s unpredictable supply from one year to the next it’s mystique continues to grow.

Why Beach Plum?

As east coast transplants and long time residents of Carlsbad we found numerous connections between the 2 coasts and bring fond memories of New England summers to the west coast with our homemade breakfast & lunch offerings using fresh, natural, minimally processed ingredients at Beach Plum Kitchen.